Tom is a highly experienced business journalist and broadcaster, having spent over 20 years working with BBC Television, Channel Four and BBC Radios 4 and 5-live. He is now a media coach and consultant, helping business leaders and those in the public eye communicate more effectively, as well as working with two of the UK’s leading Business Schools. Tom has been quoted in publications ranging from the Financial Times, Times and Independent on media crisis handling and the mistakes big organisations make when dealing with the media.

Tom is available to comment on media handling of contentious issues, company crises etc. Why companies are often so ineffective at getting their message across, talking in boring jargon, promoting their products too hard or turning into dull ‘corporate robots’. Why politicians are so annoying when they refuse to answer interviewers’ questions. How can the leaders of organisations come across as ‘authentic’ and why is this so important? In an era of ‘fake news’ how can people in the public eye establish themselves as trusted experts and commentators?

Tom is author of ‘The M-Factor – media confidence for business leaders and managers’ published in 2013 [] This is known as the UK’s leading media training handbook, and is used as source material for executive education by a leading Business School.

Speaker and moderator
Tom is available to speak on ‘The big mistakes people make when dealing with the media’ and related topics. He also moderates at conferences and panel discussions.

Business presenter and voiceover
Tom is an experienced business presenter. With his authoritative style and considerable broadcast experience, Tom can provide commentary/voiceover or for a variety of types of corporate video production, or present/report on business topics.

Reporter/Presenter The Money Programme BBC2

Reporter The Business Programme and Business Daily, Channel Four TV

Presenter The Financial World Tonight, BBC Radio 4, Radio 5-Live

Corporate Speaking Coming Soon