Simon Parker is an incredibly successful travel writer, speaker and presenter. With an unbridled passion for travelling and the inability to stay still for too long, Simon is lucky enough to be in the position to boast about the fact he has reported from over 100 countries.

With a portfolio that boasts the BBC, The Telegraph and The Independent, Simon is well versed in radio and television. His most recent TV travel series, ‘Earth Cycle,’ documented a 2,000 mile cycle through Scandinavia. No stranger to long haul cycles, his most impressive feat was cycling over 15,000 miles from China to London; a documentary for BBC World Service and Daily Telegraph series in 2016.

Simon’s talks are awe inspiring and fascinating. A previous TEDx speaker, he has spoken at hundreds of events all over the world including the Frontline Club, the Eton Shackleton Society, Oxford and Cambridge universities and the Scottish Geographical Society.

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