Mick Dawson, a former Royal Marine, is a Trans Pacific and Atlantic World Record Ocean Rower, as well as a much sought after motivational speaker and contributor to TV and radio.
In 2009, Mick skippered the first and only rowing boat to cross the Pacific from Japan, to San Francisco, rowing almost 7,000 miles for over six and a half months. Mick has completed one of the ‘last great firsts’ and set a remarkable Guinness world record. In 2018, he returned to the Pacific and rowed with a fellow former Royal Marine; Steve Sparkes, from Monterey Bay California to Hawaii, taking part in ‘The Great Pacific Race’. After an epic voyage of nearly three months, the pair created another world first and Guinness Record, as Steve Sparkes is blind. The first blind person to row the Pacific Ocean.
Mick delivers presentations that are unique, awe inspiring and inspirational in equal measure for both the corporate and cruise audience worldwide. Mick has also produced a TEDX Youth talk entitled ‘Fear! A misunderstood friend’ which explains how fear can be used as a positive tool. He has given regular presentations to schools and youth organisations across the globe. Mick also runs Strategic and Executive level Professional Development Events (1 Day).
In 2011, Discovery Channel produced a documentary covering Mick’s epic Pacific row titled Rowing The Pacific.
In 2017, Mick’s first book charting his rowing adventures was published. In the U.K. titled as Rowing the Pacific.
He is sought after as an expert commentator and contributor on TV and radio.
Credits –
Rowing The Pacific – Discovery Channel – 2011
Companies he has spoken at –
Lenovo (Puerto Rico)
Microsoft (Seattle)
Finance Services (Chicago)
Hamburg Maritime Trade Fair

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