Mick Dawson is a former Royal Marine and a Transpacific & Atlantic world record ocean rower. In 2009, Mick rowed for an almighty six and a half months from Japan to San Francisco. An extraordinary feat of almost 7,000 miles! And if this feat wasn’t enough to wheat his appetite for adventure, he entered the history records again in 2018 when he took part in ‘The Great Pacific Race,’ with the first blind person to ever row across the Pacific Ocean.

Mick is able to deliver engrossing and exhilarating talks, tailored to your requirements. They include;

Great Teamwork: The fundamental building block to achieving any goal. How to create a culture in which great teamwork thrives whatever the challenges and setbacks.
Fear: How to use fear as a tool towards achieving your goals and ambitions. Mick was capsized on one of his solo rows across the North Pacific. Dealing with the terrifying reality that he was a thousand miles away from the American Coast, he was able to use fear to his advantage.
Thriving in Isolation: Mick spent over 524 days at sea either alone or with just one other person for company. Mick is nothing short but a world expert on dealing with isolation. He explains the physical and mental coping mechanisms he developed to, not only survive the isolation of those epic expeditions, but how to thrive despite that isolation.

Discovery Channel documentary ‘Rowing the Pacific’ covering Mick’s epic Pacific voyage.
TEDX Mick’s youth talk entitled ‘Fear! A misunderstood friend’ explains how fear can be used as a positive tool to achieve your goals.
Books Rowing the Pacific, *Never Leave a Man Behind* shortlisted for the Mountbatten Maritime Book of the year award 2020
P&O, Viking Cruises Mick is a regular speaker on these cruise liners and recently participated in the ‘Interview with Anne Diamond’ series run by Viking Cruises.

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