Lauren Eyles is a marine conservationist with over 10 years experience investigating the impact of plastic pollution and beach litter on our oceans and coasts. She is well versed in understanding the importance of using the media to connect and unite people for a common cause. Beyond her impressive resume, Lauren is a certified PADI dive master, who has explored some of the world’s most beautiful diving locations. 

Lauren’s ability to translate complex analytic data to an easy and understandable language for any audience, makes her a standout presenter and speaker. Her talks can be tailored to your requirements, they include;

  • Fighting Plastic Pollution: Her passion for saving our planet and oceans has led her across the globe to educate and inspire millions to help join the fight against the planet’s biggest environmental threat of today; plastic.
  • Look Who’s Talking: Have you ever wondered how marine animals talk in their underwater world? The underwater world that we imagine to be silent is full of chatter. Lauren is able to take you on an adventure to understand why animals communicate and some of the weird and wonderful ways this happens.

TV & Radio Lauren has appeared on BBC Coast, Blue Peter, Newsround, Springwatch, BBC Breakfast, Countryfile and numerous local and national radio shows to confidently talk about the impacts of plastic and pollution on wildlife and people

Australian Marine Conservation Society was able to connect with millions of people through managing their Beachwatch programme. She communicated to millions through media and helped even more understand the damage we are causing to our planet and how we can all do something about it by working together

Lauren is available for:

Public Speaking
Motivational Speaking
Keynote Speaking
Corporate Speaking

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