Jo Colan is an award-winning presenter and writer, producer and director.

Highly versatile and engaged, she has a deep and diverse experience in all aspects of media and programme development for globally recognized brands. She has created content on TV, radio and online in the areas of arts & culture, news, science and technology, health, nutrition, and travel. Fluent in French, she has worked extensively in both the US and Europe.

Jo co-presented original series Dean of Invention alongside renowned American inventor Dean Kamen. The series aired on the Discovery Network. The series followed Jo and Dean as they explored the emerging technologies being developed to tackle the most daunting global challenges of today.

Previously, Jo anchored and co-produced Rocketboom for close to three years. Widely regarded as the pioneer of video podcasts with tens of millions of episode views to date, Rocketboom has been profiled by the New York Times, CNN, Rolling Stone Magazine, Forbes, Wired, The Guardian, PBS, Newsweek, and Businessweek who labeled it “the best show of its kind”. Steve Jobs included Joanne hosting Rocketboom in his “Stevenotes” keynote speech when he introduced the iTV in September of 2006.

Jo wrote and presented a 13-episode original travel series filmed in North & Central America, Europe and Asia which aired on USA channel Fine Living Network.

For MTV International she presented MTV Movie Special, Select MTV, MTV:New, MTV Top 20 Countdown, MTV’s Winterjam, and MTV Presents – broadcasting to more than 120 million households in 50 countries and territories.

In radio, Jo worked for BBC Radio One in London, presenting and co-producing “BBC Radio One Roadshow”; and also presented a number of music and celebrity interview shows for Radio Scoop in France.

Jo has won numerous awards including “Best European Music programme” for MTV Top 20; a coveted Streamy Award for Best News/Political Web Series for Rocketboom and is the UK recipient of Gerhard Weiler Academic Distinction, National Higher Education Award.

Jo is an AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) Certified Integrative Nutritionist. As well as developing health and wellness programming for a number of media brands, she has worked with doctors and medical practitioners on integrating nutrition and lifestyle therapies into the treatment of patients.

Jo received a Masters, Journalism from Aix-en-Provence University and has a First Class Honours from the University of London in French and Performing Arts.

Jo is currently appearing as a regular Correspondent on science and tech series RAZOR airing weekly on international news channel CGTN Europe and CGTN Worldwide, viewed by more than 85 million viewers, across 100 countries and regions.

Jo lives in both London and New York.

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– RAZOR, CGTN Europe & CGTN Worldwide
– Rocketboom
– Dean of Invention, Discovery
– Winterjam, MTV
– MTVs Movie Special
– MTV: News
– European Top 20
– Select MTV
– MTV: New
– MTV Top 20 Countdown
– MTV: Presents
– MTV Crew


– BBC Radio 1 London
– BBC Radio One Roadshow
– Radio Scoop, France

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