Dominic is a motivated and passionate professional coin specialist based in London, England. Having studied Archaeology at degree level, he chose to focus on historic coins and currency during his MA, and now work as the ancient coin specialist for the world renowned dealership, A. H. Baldwin and Sons.

His areas of expertise include antiques, collectibles and alternative investments. With a keen interest in the wider fields of history and archaeology, Dominic has a particular affinity to the ancient world.

His love of coins derives from their ability to bring the past to life. They hold the ability to represent a piece of history; perhaps a simple object used by everyday people in ancient times, but behind each surface lies a more complex layer of history.

In 2019 Dominic published his first book, In The Money, which serves as a general guide to the history of British currency over the past two thousand years. He has appeared in numerous TV interviews, podcasts, and radio shows. He has published articles for key newspapers and has been quoted in many as an expert in the field of numismatics.


Dominic’s Areas of Expertise: 

· Coins and coin collecting
· History and Archaeology
· Antiques and Collectables
· Alternative investments


– BA Archaeology, Cardiff University, 2:1.
– MA Ancient Visual and Material Culture, University of Warwick, Merit.

Professional Information:

– Ancient Coin Specialist, A. H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd. (2017 – Present).
– Board Member, British Numismatic Society (2020 – Present).

TV Appearances:
– BBC Breakfast (14/10/2019), Anniversary of the 50 Pence Piece.
– BBC Breakfast (26/01/2020), Release of the Brexit 50p.
– The One Show (TBC)

Additional Media Appearances:
– Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 (03/05/2019), Local Elections and Copper Coins.
– Financial Times Video (24/03/2017), New pound coin to enter circulation.
– Financial Times Podcast.

In the Money, a guide to the coins that shaped Britain, 2019, Stanley Gibbons Ltd.

– Financial Times (27/02/2019). Coin Collecting, making money through the ages.
– Daily Telegraph (09/10/2019). ‘Brexit Day’ 50p.
– Numerous articles for Coin News magazine.

Articles Quoted as a Specialist:
– Daily Telegraph (25/04/2017). Forged £1 Coins.
– Metro (29/09/2017). Man discovers £200,000 worth of ancient coins in a field.

Article reported in various other papers:
– Sun (28/04/2017). Mum finds ‘squashed’ £1 coin – and it could be highly valuable.
– Guardian (14/09/2019). Anniversary of the 50p.
– Financial Times (02/03/2018). Royal Mint launches 10p coins celebrating British life.