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Nick Corkill Update

By 8th November 2019 November 12th, 2019 No Comments
On re-discovering his love for photography:
I started taking pics of the sea after a stint in rehab for Alcohol addiction 4 years ago. It made sense, I have always loved photography and the sea! After leaving rehab I decided to change things in my life that I thought had caused a negative impact. It included changing my job (Voiceover Artist now, commercial diver then!) and channeling all the effort I put into drinking into re-discovering my love of photography and the ocean and somehow they came together! result! I found a ‘higher power’ within the ocean, it has helped me on my road to recovery.
This picture was taken on a surf trip to Scotland in Spring. We didn’t have a great forecast for our week up there so wasn’t expecting much. The shot below was taken at a spot that we literally fell onto. It wasn’t a place where we thought we would get waves but after A LOT of driving and running out of options, we thought “lets give this place ago ”  We had a great surf and at the end , just before I lost all feeling in my ‘trigger finger’ this incredible rainbow showed up!. It was a defiant ‘ cherry on top moment / when all things align’ thing!

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