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Joshua Styles – My Name Is

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We’re delighted to announce that Joshua Styles is featuring on the Radio 4 documentary, My Name Is:

Where the rest of us might just see weeds and moss, Joshua appreciates not only their beauty, but their environmental worth that is being dangerously ignored.

Josh has loved weeds, mosses and other plants since he was a boy, turning his Mum’s back garden into a haven for the type of growth the rest of us spend hours and lots of money trying to get rid of. His enthusiasm is infectious. Josh is desperate for us all to appreciate the unloved bits of our natural world, not just because he does, but because it could help save the planet. These mosses and weeds play a massive role in sucking up carbon from the atmosphere and even provide the base for medicines used to treat some of our worst illnesses

But he argues that the Sphagnum Mosses he talks so joyfully and passionately about aren’t as loved as the poster boys and girls of the environmental movement, like pandas and whales.

In ‘My Name Is’, Josh asks whether the fauna below our feet can ever be taken as seriously if their worth to us isn’t properly explained.

Muinat Abdul on BBC Radio London

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Be sure not to miss the marvellous Muinat Abdul tonight on BBC Radio London! She’ll be featured as a guest on ‘The Scene with Aurie Styla.’ Tune in tonight at 8pm to hear her discuss her YouTube channel and how she’s used it as a creative outlet during lockdown. This is not one to miss!

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Welcome to ‘Mind Shed’ – Starring Mo Jannah.

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We are very proud to share One Tribe’s latest production ‘The Mind Shed’ for @BBCRadioWales as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. We’re also excited to announce that our special talent, Mo Jannah, will be starring in the episode along with Matt Johnson as the presenter, Dr Alex George from Love Island and barber of the year, Mathew Guerin as the final guest. 

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