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Nick Corkill Update

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On re-discovering his love for photography:
I started taking pics of the sea after a stint in rehab for Alcohol addiction 4 years ago. It made sense, I have always loved photography and the sea! After leaving rehab I decided to change things in my life that I thought had caused a negative impact. It included changing my job (Voiceover Artist now, commercial diver then!) and channeling all the effort I put into drinking into re-discovering my love of photography and the ocean and somehow they came together! result! I found a ‘higher power’ within the ocean, it has helped me on my road to recovery.
This picture was taken on a surf trip to Scotland in Spring. We didn’t have a great forecast for our week up there so wasn’t expecting much. The shot below was taken at a spot that we literally fell onto. It wasn’t a place where we thought we would get waves but after A LOT of driving and running out of options, we thought “lets give this place ago ”  We had a great surf and at the end , just before I lost all feeling in my ‘trigger finger’ this incredible rainbow showed up!. It was a defiant ‘ cherry on top moment / when all things align’ thing!

Tom Maddocks – Blog

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There has been widespread surprise that the band Coldplay chose to announce details of its new album Everyday Life via the classified ad sections of local newspapers, such as the North Wales Daily Post and the Devon-based Express and Echo. This is unlikely to become standard practice in the music industry, but should serve as a reminder that it is unwise for organisations large or small to ignore the local and regional press, despite the cutbacks that have hit the sector. Even for companies with a national or international footprint, regional papers can be an important way to communicate with specific audiences, for example in areas where they are an important employer. Why? Here are just five of the reasons.

1. The circulation and the readership of a local title may be low, but its influence is lasting. A piece mentioning you or your business stays online for ever and can appear high in Google searches.
2. People in positions of power in your area, such as council officials and elected representatives will almost certainly read the regional and local publications. This may be your opportunity to influence their opinion.
3. It is possible that the story may be picked up by a national title or website, because it has been sold or has been spotted by a news agency or a journalist.
4. The local press remains a training ground for younger journalists. Your reporter contact at a local title may become a by-line at a national paper, but they will still often rely on their trusted sources from their previous roles.
5. Building a good relationship with your local title could produce a better understanding of your business and its importance in the community, and it may also be the building block that helps you better understand how to forge links with the national titles.

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