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Joshua Styles – My Name Is

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We’re delighted to announce that Joshua Styles is featuring on the Radio 4 documentary, My Name Is:

Where the rest of us might just see weeds and moss, Joshua appreciates not only their beauty, but their environmental worth that is being dangerously ignored.

Josh has loved weeds, mosses and other plants since he was a boy, turning his Mum’s back garden into a haven for the type of growth the rest of us spend hours and lots of money trying to get rid of. His enthusiasm is infectious. Josh is desperate for us all to appreciate the unloved bits of our natural world, not just because he does, but because it could help save the planet. These mosses and weeds play a massive role in sucking up carbon from the atmosphere and even provide the base for medicines used to treat some of our worst illnesses

But he argues that the Sphagnum Mosses he talks so joyfully and passionately about aren’t as loved as the poster boys and girls of the environmental movement, like pandas and whales.

In ‘My Name Is’, Josh asks whether the fauna below our feet can ever be taken as seriously if their worth to us isn’t properly explained.

Lauren Eyles – Speaker Availability

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Marine biologist and conservationist, @eyleslauren has over 10 years experience working in one of the marine sciences growth areas – the impact of plastic pollution and beach litter on our oceans and coasts.

Lauren also leads a citizen science marine project involving thousands of people, inspiring them to understand one of the biggest environmental threats facing the planet today – plastic.

Lauren makes for a fascinating speaker with a very important area of expertise.

To find out more, or to book Lauren for your event, visit the link in our bio!

Lisa Gawthorne – Veganuary

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We wanted to bring you another one of our superb talents for #Veganuary.

@lisa_gawthorne is a gold medal-winning multisport athlete. She has represented Team GB in European and World Duathlon Championships, and she is also one half of the incredibly successful Bravura Foods Ltd.

Lisa is an extremely successful entrepreneur and has translated her passion for veganism into a variety of talks that can be tailored to your requirements, including athleticism, business, health & wellbeing and veganism.

Jodi Anderson – Veganuary

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It’s January and we all know what that means… #VEGANUARY.

At One Tribe Talent, we’re lucky to have a number of inspirational vegan talents on our books, all of whom are available to speak at functions or virtual events.

First up, we’d like to introduce you to the fabulous @jodiandersonuk. Jodi is the young and dynamic owner and Managing Director of Govindas Foods, a company who develop and manufacture a wide range of ‘free from’ food products and deliver them to market. Their clients include The Co-op, Pret A Manger and Pudology.

As both a #vegan veteran and a successful young #entrepreneur, Jodi is a perfect choice for TV, radio and on-line as a food and business expert, but she is also wonderfully entertaining and inspirational speaker.

Find out more and how to book Jodi for your event via the link in our bio.

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